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Folla’ine Luxury FACIAL – Radiant Glow Facial (90min)                 R550

This luxurious relaxation facial consists of skin purification, Exfoliating, FACE STEAMER, Mask, Toning, Moisturising and face massage. This leaves the skin Hydrated and deeply cleansed leaving you with a radiant Glow.


Cupping facial is a good pick me up treatment that helps pump up the skin and iron out fine lines while increasing blood circulation on your face. Using silicone cups during the facial this helps give lifeless, dull skin radiance, helps with inflamed pimples, and gives your face a youthful glow after the treatment. The treatment consists of Cleansing, Exfoliating and a hydrating Mask. Then a cupping massage will be given to e face for 15min of the treatment focusing on the entire face. A toner will be applied and a serum with a mini face massage and lastly a Moisturizer will be applied to the face to conclude the facial.

EXPRESS FACIAL (30min) R350   

The express facial is a good pick me up treatment for those on the go. It helps give lifeless, dull skin radiance and is also excellent as a pre –make up base for special occasions. It consists of Cleansing, Exfoliating, Mask, Toning and Moisturizing. 

Problematic Skin Facial

Problematic skin types are expertly treated using RegimA products and specialized ingredients to address evident concerns such as PIGMENTATION, BREAKOUTS, ACNE, FINE LINES and IRRITATED SKIN.  Your skin is Purified skin is left visibly decongested and wonderfully alleviated.

Please note that we have RegimA homecare product in stock. Ask your therapists about the prices and products recommended for your skin type to use at home.




Go from no lashes or short lashes to Thick luscious, long lashes in 60min. Add volume and Length to your lashes with our mink individual lash extensions directly attached to your natural lashes. The lashes are light in weight and have the same texture as your natural lashes. They come in various sizes and shape to best imitate your natural lashes. A professional consultation will be done to suggest lashes that will best enhance your Beauty without looking fake

Full set of lashes (thick in volume)             R650
Half a set (light or Thin volume)         R480

Eyelash Fill and Maintenance

As individuals we all have a different lash cycle which means that our lashes fall out at different rates. It is recommended that you have your lashes filled every 2-3 weeks after a full set is done.

Fill – 2 weeks R280
Fill – 3 weeks R350

No fill after 3 weeks – New set of lashes will be done.



Lashes          R120
Eyebrow        R80
Brows & Lashes       R160


Bikini      R150
Brazillian (40min) R200
Hollywood (60min) R380


Half leg R170
Full Leg R200
Toes / Fingers R80


Underarm R100
Half Arm R120
Full Arm R180


Full Body – Back, Chest, Arms, Lips, Hollywood R900
Back R280
Chest R250
Stomach R140
Back, Chest & Stomach R550


Full Face R230
Brows R95
Lip R80
Chin R80
Brow & Lip R150
Brow, Lip & Chin R200
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